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  • Are your employees hindered by excessive rules? by Chloe Taylor

    Organisations are spending billions of dollars in ‘unnecessary’ compliance costs and are imposing rules which hinder productivity, a new study reveals.

  • Crowdsourcing the key to plugging skills gaps by Sarah Megginson

    If you’re not yet crowdsourcing, you’re missing out on “utilising the brightest minds across the globe”, according to a new report.

  • Legislation would ban after-work emails by Sarah Megginson

    A nation recognised as a global leader in workplace efficiency is now considering legislation that would make it illegal to email colleagues after 6pm.

  • Australian HR Award winners revealed! by

    The cream of Australia's HR industry gathered at the Australian HR Awards in Sydney on Friday night. HC was there and is proud to announce the winners of an exciting, hotly contested battle of excellence involving the nation's leading HR professionals.

  • Blog: How sticky are you? by Angela Atkins

    Angela Atkins of Elephant HR looks at why companies need to create "candidate stickiness" and how they can do so.

  • 457s making talent development a headache by

    Simon Haag of Fragomen Worldwide and Alec Bashinsky of Deloitte explain how multinationals struggle to move their talent globally because of 457 restrictions.

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