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Stephanie Zillman Stephanie is an accomplished journalist who has written for a range of leading news websites. 

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  • Foreign workers may not be needed after all

    The outrage sparked by the Commonwealth government’s approval of 1,700 overseas workers for Gina Rinehart's Roy Hill project may have been all for nothing.

  • Consensual Relationship Agreement

    Cynics may label Valentine’s Day the flower industry’s annual cash cow – hopeless romantics would disagree. Whichever camp you’re from, HR can often be the unwanted ‘third party’ in office romance entanglements.

  • No reinstatement for Big Mac eater

    A CSIRO worker has been denied his request for reinstatement, following his resignation after using a company car to go through a fast food drive-thru.

  • Shorten flags change of FWA for pregnant women

    Workplace relations minister Bill Shorten intends to introduce new laws governing the rights of pregnant women at work and increase flexibility with parental leave.

  • Election battleground: workplace relations?

    The Labor government has flagged its intention to increase the number of employees who can ask for flexible working arrangements – are you abreast of what would change?

  • Fair Work hones in on unpaid work schemes

    The Fair Work Ombudsman today announced a new focus on educating employers and employees about the legitimacy of schemes for unpaid work experience.

  • Unethical recruiters tarnishing the industry

    Are unqualified, rogue recruiters giving the recruitment industry a bad name? According to some in the business, better regulations are long overdue.

  • Star recruit who will work for free?

    International soccer superstar David Beckham has just signed on to play with a French team – and he’s doing it for free.

  • Employee fraud went up 40% in 2012

    It’s both a breach of trust and a criminal act, but it seems more employees than ever before are committing acts of fraud against their employees – what’s going wrong?

  • What if your candidate is 6 months pregnant?

    The media storm and applause heaped upon Yahoo following its decision to hire a pregnant CEO last year ignited the discussion around pregnant candidates, discrimination and what to do when faced with the hiring decision.

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