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Stephanie Zillman Stephanie is an accomplished journalist who has written for a range of leading news websites. 

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  • Refreshing take on teambuilding

    It’s not often a CSR endeavor comes along that also has the scope for a unique teambuilding experience – a not-for-profit foundation is giving landmine victims the gift of prosthetic hands, and they’re built by everyday Australian corporate ...

  • How can HR determine the ROI of a hire?

    New research has indicated that measuring the value of individual performance remains the million dollar question for HR professionals.

  • Encourage employees to go on Facebook and read the newspaper

    Encouraging workers to browse their social networks or to take a load off with the newspaper may seem like a recipe for disaster – but it’s not the bludge fest you might think.

  • Kissing colleagues an awkward office dilemma

    The ‘workplace kiss’remains an unspoken dilemma causing awkward moments in offices around the country. So, is it ever appropriate to kiss a colleague on the cheek?

  • HR email blunder sacks all 1,300 staff

    It’s the stuff of HR nightmares – for one HR manager, hitting send on a termination email spelt the beginning of a glitch which saw 1,300 staff at a global insurer receive their notice.

  • Time to lift the lid on employee salaries

    It’s an unwritten rule in the corporate world – HR doesn’t disclose the salaries of staff. However, why is it all a big secret – would mayhem really ensue if salaries were completely transparent?

  • Hiring difficulty set to become the norm

    If you’ve encountered hiring difficulties of late, you’re not alone – some 40% of business leaders have said it is taking three months longer to recruit staff than a year ago.

  • NSW workers’ compo set to change

    In the same week that a public servant won compo for a work trip sex injury, NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell announced proposed changes that would turn the state’s workers’ compensation on its head.

  • Lessons not learned from payroll shared services mishaps

    Payroll error is a one-way ticket to employee disengagement and reduced morale – yet despite the lessons from QLD Health’s bungled shared services operations, orgs continue to mess up this critical function.

  • Clearing the ‘deadwood’: Voluntary vs forced redundancy

    The controversy that engulfed Toyota this week begs the question – when redundancies are a business necessity, don’t organisations have the right to layoff the worst performers?

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