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Stephanie Zillman Stephanie is an accomplished journalist who has written for a range of leading news websites. 

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  • Welcome breathing space for LAFHA arrangements

    After leaving employers and foreign workers in months of limbo, the Federal Budget finally confirmed that two years’ breathing space will be afforded to foreign LAFHA recipients.

  • HR overlooks applicants with non-western names

    The Australian Human Rights Commission has said there is a growing trend of immigrants adopting Western names in the hope it will get them hired.

  • Increased traffic fines for offences in company cars

    The NSW parliament has passed new legislation that will mean harsher penalties for employers caught out for not reporting employees who commit driving offences in company cars.

  • Refreshing take on teambuilding

    It’s not often a CSR endeavor comes along that also has the scope for a unique teambuilding experience – a not-for-profit foundation is giving landmine victims the gift of prosthetic hands, and they’re built by everyday Australian corporate ...

  • How can HR determine the ROI of a hire?

    New research has indicated that measuring the value of individual performance remains the million dollar question for HR professionals.

  • Encourage employees to go on Facebook and read the newspaper

    Encouraging workers to browse their social networks or to take a load off with the newspaper may seem like a recipe for disaster – but it’s not the bludge fest you might think.

  • Kissing colleagues an awkward office dilemma

    The ‘workplace kiss’remains an unspoken dilemma causing awkward moments in offices around the country. So, is it ever appropriate to kiss a colleague on the cheek?

  • HR email blunder sacks all 1,300 staff

    It’s the stuff of HR nightmares – for one HR manager, hitting send on a termination email spelt the beginning of a glitch which saw 1,300 staff at a global insurer receive their notice.

  • Time to lift the lid on employee salaries

    It’s an unwritten rule in the corporate world – HR doesn’t disclose the salaries of staff. However, why is it all a big secret – would mayhem really ensue if salaries were completely transparent?

  • Hiring difficulty set to become the norm

    If you’ve encountered hiring difficulties of late, you’re not alone – some 40% of business leaders have said it is taking three months longer to recruit staff than a year ago.

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