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  • Employers urge workers to say when on last drinks

    A new free online tool launched this week is aimed at making employees more aware of the impacts excessive drinking can have on their working life.

  • Graduate CV fraud on the rise

    As university fees rise and graduate employment rates vary widely by sector, a new survey has found that education fraud is likely to become more widespread.

  • Don’t speak gobbledygook

    If in the average work day you may find yourself leveraging a best practice, touching base, playing phone tag or shifting a paradigm – just remember these terms are likely to induce eye-rolling and yawns from your team.

  • Can a working relationship be repaired post IR trouble?

    Industrial actions often results in a relationship breakdown between employers and employees, but with the right processes in place, it’s not impossible to repair the relationship.

  • Flexible work options for over 45s: Time to legislate?

    The review of the Fair Work Act continues to provoke hot debate and the latest submission shines the spotlight on legislating flexible work options for workers over 45.

  • Employers must approve sick leave transfers

    Some employers have adopted a ‘too bad, so sad’ mentality regarding employees who become sick whilst on annual leave, but unbeknownst to many the Fair Work Act actually obliges HR to re-credit annual leave in place of sick days.

  • The world of work in the year 2050

    It’s pretty rare that senior business leaders are willing to go out on a limb and say what the world will look like in several decades time, but as a new report shows, we’re in for a hellava ride.

  • Daily grind stands in the way of coaching

    The number of office workers receiving coaching to help them in their careers is low because, quite simply, employers are tied up with managing the business.

  • Employee guilty of defaming boss

    An employee who wrote a fiery resignation email accusing her former boss of bullying, lying, laziness and theft has been found guilty of defamation.

  • Have you considered canine employment?

    The countdown is on for dog lovers everywhere. Soon it will be the one day of the year when workers can bring their dogs to work.

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