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Stephanie Zillman Stephanie is an accomplished journalist who has written for a range of leading news websites. 

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  • Mr, Ms, Mrs – out-dated etiquette or courtesy?

    In the digital age where acquaintances from five years ago are ‘friends’, and formal written language has fallen by the wayside thx 2 txt, the lines of business formalities have been similarly blurred.

  • Smokers need not apply

    The president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) has come out swinging, sparking an age-old debate by accusing smokers of costing the state “millions and millions” of dollars in lost productivity each year.

  • Railcorp grooming blitz: Worth it?

    The hotly discussed ‘first impression’s count’ initiative at Sydney’s RailCorp has left HR tongues wagging – is the crackdown on grooming standards worth it?

  • Qantas fined thousands for mistreating worker

    The national carrier and one of its managers have been fined $15,500 over a successful claim launched by a worker who was mistreated after questioning his rate of pay.

  • The secret life of IT employees: Do you know what they want?

    If you thought IT workers would love to work from home, you would be wrong. Now new survey findings show what really makes them tick.

  • Anonymous job applications reduce prejudice

    Following a pilot project across a number of top European companies, there’s a trend underway in Germany which sees complete anonymity of candidates in the hiring process.

  • HR botches unfair dismissal case, incurs $40k in compo

    A Melbourne employer has been ordered to pay nearly $40k in compensation following a botched unfair dismissal hearing at the hands of its HR manager.

  • Recruitment myth: Migrants given jobs over Aussies

    A solid set of numbers has finally been released which indicates skilled overseas workers on 457 visas are not taking away resources sector jobs from Australians.

  • Two words to redemption

    There are two words in the Aussie lexicon that can save even the most dire recruitment campaign: Free Beer.

  • No place for strict dress codes at NASA

    One would think it would take something pretty extraordinary to eclipse a mission to Mars. But combine social media with a funky hairdo, and suddenly, landing of a probe on the red planet was reduced to a footnote.

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