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Stephanie Zillman Stephanie is an accomplished journalist who has written for a range of leading news websites. 

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  • Misconceived employment arrangement comes with $450k price tag

    The spotlight has once again been cast on the distinction between independent contractors and employees, following a $450k payout order by the Federal Court.

  • High time to stringently examine remuneration and departure clauses

    Negotiating the fine print in the contracts of senior executives can be a headache for HR as getting it wrong can come at a high price – check out this latest tips list to see if you’ve got your bases covered.

  • Rumours of return to Work Choices persist

    The ghosts of IR laws past have been dredged up once again following claims by workplace minister Bill Shorten that Tony Abbott would restore elements of the controversial Work Choices laws if in power.

  • Fly-in fly-out workers depressed

    A leading authority on depression has said that efforts need to be bolstered in supporting the mental health of workers in the mining and resources industry.

  • Veterans fume over HR’s $52k spend on ‘funny’ videos

    In the tight fiscal climate of the United States, eyebrows have been raised over the $52k a government HR department spent on producing a spoof video to show at conferences.

  • Jay Leno takes pay cut to save jobs

    As many as 25 staff at US network NBC were saved from the redundancy chopping block thanks to an eleventh hour self-imposed pay cut by the veteran host.

  • Pay gap due to lack of female applications

    The reason women are underrepresented in high-paying jobs may be simply because they are not applying for them, rather than as a result of direct employer discrimination.

  • Mr, Ms, Mrs – out-dated etiquette or courtesy?

    In the digital age where acquaintances from five years ago are ‘friends’, and formal written language has fallen by the wayside thx 2 txt, the lines of business formalities have been similarly blurred.

  • Smokers need not apply

    The president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) has come out swinging, sparking an age-old debate by accusing smokers of costing the state “millions and millions” of dollars in lost productivity each year.

  • Railcorp grooming blitz: Worth it?

    The hotly discussed ‘first impression’s count’ initiative at Sydney’s RailCorp has left HR tongues wagging – is the crackdown on grooming standards worth it?

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