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Stephanie Zillman Stephanie is an accomplished journalist who has written for a range of leading news websites. 

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  • Can you spot a fake reference?

    HR has a trained eye for spotting questionable details on resumes – but now some candidates are turning to fake reference services and it may be time to background-check not just the candidates but the referees.

  • Three quarters of applicants have already lied to you

    A startling 75% of applicants have falsified or omitted critical elements of their experience and work history, a leading background check firm has revealed.

  • Guide employees without being the fun police

    Lest HR live up to the title of ‘fun police’, the policy approach is not so much about ‘managing humour’ but implementing a sense of fun into the day-to-day.

  • Is your workplace Fairtrade certified?

    The amount of tea and coffee consumed in Australian workplaces each year is surely mind boggling – yet as more people come to realise that the vast majority of tea and coffee is sourced from developing economies, there are far reaching cons ...

  • Rescinding a job offer: HR’s best practice approach

    So you’ve offered the job but now you’re faced with needing to rescind – HC provides you with a how-to guide for navigating this uncomfortable task.

  • Ensure employees don’t double-dip on leave entitlements

    Ensuring the proper contractual arrangements are in place before an employee heads abroad on a secondment can be like navigating a minefield, and one of the most common pitfalls occurs when errors are made in the fine print of leave entitle ...

  • Resume errors: Nail in the coffin for an applicant?

    How many resume blunders is too many, and should HR consider candidates with typos and style errors in their resume?

  • Charity work can improve retention

    Allow staff paid time off to engage in charity work and you could boost retention and motivation at the same time as positively associating your company with a community cause.

  • Gaming at work ok by the boss

    Playing games on company time would have once been grounds for a warning, but now it’s being encouraged by HR thought leaders.

  • How to manage employee 'over-share' issues

    When an employee comes knocking on the door with an emotional issue to discuss, many in HR are only too happy to talk through the issue. However, when the issue is too personal or the problem too complex, HR must feel confident to draw the ...

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