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  • Decline in jobs ads indicate hiring slump

    Online job ads reach a 3-year low after numbers fell in December for the tenth consecutive month.

  • Grad pay gap smaller than reported

    A statement by Graduate Careers Australia has said the pay gap between male and female graduates is actually much smaller than widely reported.

  • HR salaries increase fastest in two years

    The median remuneration for HR professionals at large US companies rose by 11% in 2012, increasing at the fastest rate in at least two years, according to the findings of a new study.

  • Conduct an exit interview or remain in the dark

    The New Year is well and truly here, and it’s a fact that some of your employees may be seeking greener pastures – before they do, are your exit interview procedures up-to-scratch?

  • Attention: Do you know what working mothers really want?

    Do working mothers care more about having flexible hours after returning to work than spending more time at home while on leave? The answer may surprise you.

  • Proposed law would 'end workplace banter'

    Workplace banter could soon be a thing of the past if draft legislation currently before a senate inquiry is passed – and the proposal has sparked outrage among Australia’s top legal minds.

  • Female graduate pay gap doubles

    New figures show the pay gap between Australian female university graduates and their male counterparts more than doubled last year.

  • Are you ready for your 2013 grads?

    The beginning of the New Year brings the annual class of graduates starting in programs throughout Australia – but industry professionals have warned employers not to be surprised by Gen Y’s struggle to separate their professional and socia ...

  • HR professionals officially not the fun police

    It won’t surprise many in the HR industry that the out-dated ‘fun police’ moniker is simply untrue. Looking at the top clicked stories on HC from 2012, HR pros love a laugh.

  • What a year for HR: The biggest HR stories of 2012

    It has been a jam-packed year for HR – from sweeping legislative changes to ongoing debate about performance reviews and navigating the challenges of working alongside social media, 2012 hasn’t seen a dull moment.

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