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  • Less formal approach to bullying dilemma

    A workplace bullying expert is calling upon employers and employees to take a step back from formal complaints, and to consider other options.

  • Times are a changin': doing more with less

    Despite a climate of constrained budgets and a continuous need to do more with less, a majority of public sector organisations do not highly prioritise innovation. How can this change?

  • UK CEO shares the largesse

    In a gesture that may renew some people’s faith in executive integrity, the CEO of UK retailer Next will share his multi-million bonus with 19,400 employees.

  • HR job market stalling

    The first quarter of 2013 has ushered in new junior and intermediate HR positions, but little other growth.

  • Women less likely to reap benefits

    It may be counter-intuitive, but your male employees are more likely to make use of flexible work arrangements or other benefits than your female staff, according to new research.

  • How to lead like Maggie Thatcher

    Whatever you think of her politics, the Iron Lady sure had a distinctive leadership style. What lessons are there to be learned from it?

  • How psychometrics might improve health and safety

    Organisations should embrace the use of psychometric assessment to improve their health and safety cultures, according to practitioners in the field.

  • Five things leaders can’t do without

    Successful business leaders are known for their eccentricities, and the choice of travel companions appears to be no exception.

  • Time to fire men, and people with PhDs

    An annual survey on time-wasting at work has revealed that more employees are wasting time on a daily basis this year than last year. Time to panic?

  • Which of your workers pass the Twitter “Fire Me” test?

    It’s easy to forget the public nature of the internet – your boss doesn’t follow you on Twitter, so who cares if you tweet a message of hate, or a casual threat? A new app from Germany hopes to remind people that public messages mean anyone ...

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