Iain Hopkins

Iain Hopkins

Iain is a managing editor with Key Media.


Having written and edited magazines across seven industries and five continents, Iain’s specialist areas are human resources, leadership and management.

Contact: Iain.Hopkins@keymedia.com


  • ​In Person : Mary Basson

    With attractions including Madame Tussauds, The Sydney Tower, Falls Creek and Underwater World Mooloolaba under its belt, Mary Basson, HR director at Merlin Entertainments Group ANZ, knows how to have fun at work. She chats to HRD about emp ...

  • Janine Frew: Reshaping an Icon

    Rapid overseas growth, corporate restructuring and massive market sector disruption might flummox some change-wearied HR professionals – but not this month’s profiled HRD, who relishes the challenge and is looking ahead to a new era for an ...

  • ​In Person: Cindy Reid, Konica Minolta

    Cindy Reid, Konica Minolta’s Australian head of HR, reflects upon balancing the humanitarian and commercial aspects of HR, lessons learnt from bad leaders, and how she is preparing for a massive transformation project

  • Five Minutes With...Rachael Fitzpatrick, HR director for APJ at Akamai

    Akamai HR director Rachael Fitzpatrick tells HC why she would like to see a focus on softer skills and why Beatle George Harrison would be a great dinner guest.

  • Six ways to re-ignite a burned-out workforce

    How do you motivate employees who are fatigued from continually increasing targets and expectations?

  • ​In Person: Lisa Christy, SAP

    ​With responsibilities stretching across 900 employees in Australia and New Zealand, Lisa Christy, HR director at tech giant SAP, has plenty on her plate. She refl ects on 15 years in the HR profession, tough decisions, the appeal of IT, an ...

  • ​Good to Great : Reinventing HR at Kimberly-Clark

    During Kimberly-Clark’s transformation, CHRO Liz Gottung took centre stage in driving a massive change initiative that resulted in a rise in stock price and turnaround in employee sentiment. HRD finds out how the company did it

  • Adobe bids adieu to performance reviews

    HC talks to Adobe’s HR chief about why and how they ditched performance reviews in favor of ongoing check-ins.

  • What’s your sitting style at work?

    Contrary to mum’s advice on sitting up straight, many employees are finding novel ways and positions to sit down in the office while using the tools of the trade.

  • ​Five Different Fingers, One Strong Hand

    In the first in a series, HRD presents global best practice insights from some of the world’s leading companies. This issue we talk to Denice Kronau of Siemens.

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