Iain Hopkins

Iain Hopkins

Iain oversees the editorial content for HRD AustraliaCanadaNew Zealand, and Singapore.

Contact him via email: iain.hopkins@keymedia.com.au.
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  • Heads roll at retail giant: Harsh lesson for payroll

    In a landmark payout, retail giant Super A-Mart has been ordered to repay more than $1.3m to almost 900 workers after Fair Work Australia (FWA) recommended a self-audit following a complaint.

  • Launch of new Australian Indigenous Corporate Network

    Today marks the launch of the first corporate network for Indigenous Australians, an initiative specifically designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working in corporate Australia.

  • Tune into employee frustrations

    A new book aimed at lifting the lid on employee frustrations has revealed that poor management is usually to blame, not the workers.

  • Drug testing at work gets green light

    In a landmark decision by Fair Work Australia (FWA), Victorian employers of building site workers will have the power to enforce compulsory drug and alcohol tests, and the decision is being touted as a ruling which could expand to other ind ...

  • Cover all bases through economic uncertainty

    Many businesses weren’t expecting the cloud of economic uncertainty to return so quickly after the GFC, and it’s still a raw memory for most – yet the cloud is back and as many learned in 2008, it pays to have a plan.

  • Weathering the storm: MBAs in the 21st century

    While it’s true that no degree could possibly cover off the functional, technical and interpersonal skills required to be a great leader, an MBA is certainly a step in the right direction. Or is it? Human Capital looks at the role of MBAs i ...

  • Top reason for employee absence: stress

    Absenteeism and presenteeism (being present without being productive), costs Australian employers $10.11bn every year, and new research has shown the top reason is actually stress.

  • Stuck in the middle (with you)

    The performance bell curve will result in a lag at either end of the spectrum, and it’s the high and under-performers who seem to receive all the attention. Yet how about those in the middle? It is time to give them some TLC?

  • From glass ceiling to glass cliff?

    The gender quota debate is ripe for criticism, not least of which is promoting women to roles for which they are insufficiently experienced, and therefore destined to fail. So what is best practice in gender diversity? Iain Hopkins investig ...

  • Hiring ex-offenders: a case for discrimination?

    Criminal background checks are an integral aspect of the recruitment process for many organisations, yet many recruiters remain unsure of their legal rights and responsibilities when presented with a candidate who has a criminal history. ...

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