Iain Hopkins

Iain Hopkins

Iain oversees the editorial content for HRD AustraliaCanadaNew Zealand, and Singapore.

Contact him via email: iain.hopkins@keymedia.com.au.
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  • HC Magazine issue 10.1

    Cover story: How to think – and act – big; Balancing act; Shake it up; Make telework work; Learning to give, not just receive; Profile: Spotless Group; Frontline Intelligence

  • The good life is downunder

    A new survey has confirmed what locals already know – Australia is a great place to live, and the Asia-Pacific region overall offers an internationally recognised high standard of living.

  • Australian jobs growth flat, bolstered by Asia

    Australian jobs growth is currently sitting at -1%, but the Asia-Pacific region as a whole has experienced jobs growth of 23%, according to the latest jobs index of finance sector jobs.

  • Employers rely on overseas talent

    New research has revealed that more than one third of Australian employers are forced to look abroad to the UK, India and South Africa to fill key positions.

  • Hot or not?

    What are the challenges – and benefits – that hot-desking brings to team cohesion? Human Capital weighs the pros and cons

  • Too much work and not enough money

    New survey results have shown employees are increasingly stressed, and regularly lose sleep over their workload and money-related concerns.

  • Master of disguise: Economic strength masks productivity slump

    New research has suggested that Australia’s two-speed economy could be masking a productivity slump rife within small businesses.

  • Work-life balance policies a recruitment strategy

    Financial services has been named as a sector that has been slow to incorporate flexible work options for its employees, according to financial services HR managers a recent roundtable.

  • Building the perfect leader

    From MBAs and Masters to coaching and mentoring, the leadership development options are daunting. Here’s a guide to what you can expect.

  • Woman sues after alleged HR failings

    A woman is suing computer giant IBM for failing to act after she reported being sexually harassed and bullied by a senior executive.

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